Friday, April 17, 2009

Mariah Phillips In State Of Shock

Captain Richard Phillips father of Mariah Phillips

Mariah Phillips daughter of Captain Richard Phillips is in the state Of shock. Mariah Phillips is 19 years old from Rutland Vermont who taking up a graphic designing at Castleton State University. Mariah Phillips made her statement that she felt so intense when she heard about the news that her father Captain Richard Phillips was being hostage by the Somali pirates.

Watch the arrival video of Captain Richard Phillips when he returned in Vermont after the dramatic rescue of US Navy Seals along with his daughter Mariah Phillips and family.

Captain Richard Phillips with daughter Mariah Phillips and family

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Jiverly Voong

Jiverly Voong

Binghamton shooting news! Jiverly Voong is the man behind the Binghamton shooting incident in New York. Jiverly Voong is a Vietnamese who migrated to US and living in Johnson City. Jiverly Voong a 42 year old worker in Endicott who laid off on his job that cause the tragic shooting incident in Binghamton New York.

Watch Shooting in Binghamton News Video

Binghamton Shooting Video

Report said that Jiverly Voong uses alias like Jiverly Wong. A confirmation is still in the process. Read the complete story and more video>> Jiverly Voong

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Radford University Shooting

Radford University Shooting News!

Radford University Shooting News

Radford, Virginia - Radford University students locked their classroom door and stay inside the building when there were warning that a man was shot near Radford University. According to Michael Hemphill Radford University spokesperson, about 9:10 p.m. a man was shot in his chest near Radford University and the shooter was said fled to the University area. Virginia Tech University police are taking a manhunt operation for the capture of the shooter.

Watch Radford University Video

Radford University student hit by car video

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